Next Generation Tax Office: Entrepreneurial Economy

Are you looking for a great business opportunity?
There has been a shift in our economic system that offers great opportunities to people that are ready to launch out on their own.

Welcome to the new "Entrepreneurial Economy".

From Lay Offs to Home‐Based

Three million workers were laid off in 2008 and many companies continue eliminating jobs as they restructure, merge and sell their businesses. Many people being laid off are taking advantage of the rise in home-based business opportunities. In the process, they are saving money and creating wealth by eliminating work expenses and limitations associated with commuting to a job to work for someone else. In addition, small businesses are reducing overhead and streamlining by effectively using technology and becoming more customized.

From the comfort of their own homes, individuals and small businesses continue to be the economic engine that fuels our economy, and as more people in the workforce lose or leave their jobs, they will add to the strength of the home-based workforce creating the new “Entrepreneurial Economy.”.


  • Operate your own income tax preparation business from home or on the go with a company that has a 30-year proven system of success.
  • Prepare tax returns at home or on location (clients home, workplace, coffee shop, etc.).
  • Eliminate the overhead expense of sustaining a brick and mortar business.
  • Prepare taxes with a laptop, internet air card and mobile printer.
  • Opportunity to work seasonal or year-round.
  • Serve your community by becoming a tax professional that people can trust.


  • Become a tax preparer after only 18 weeks of intensive income tax and business development training.
  • Receive year-round support from a national network of seasoned tax preparers.
  • Gain access to the nation’s leading tax software with support.
  • Participate in Entrepreneurial Training and Millionaire Mentorship.
  • Print tax returns and RAL checks on site
  • Receive real-time support
  • Earn additional Income of $30 to $35 for pickup and delivery services.
  • Have unlimited access to your personal and business network using mobile technology.

The typical Franchise does not compare to the Next Generation Tax Office:

Typical FranchiseComproTax Home-Mobile Tax Office
  • Limited Support
  • Firm-Based Training
  • Limited Growth
  • Broad Range Support
  • Entrepreneurial Training
  • Personal and Economic Advancement

Are you ready to start?  Call now for your next step to economic freedom,

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