Letter From The President

Hi! I’m Jackie Mayfield — President of COMPROTAX , Inc. (CTI). I will be brief, but I am excited about the high rate of success that our affiliates are experiencing with the system employed by CTI. Every year we open doors of opportunity to allow both experienced and non-experienced persons to join our company. That’s right! You do not need any business experience or tax knowledge to be allowed to go through our system of success.

There is not even a cost for the opportunity. Your investment is only an investment in knowledge by taking our tax course — perhaps the most inclusive tax course available today. This is the same course that has been at the base of development for over 2,000 tax professionals across the U.S.A. As you would expect, many students brag about the fact that they are able to make much more wise financial decisions in their every-day lives — decisions that save them literally thousands of dollars in personal taxes.

Our success plan is simple and easy to follow. We allow you to work as an apprentice with a successful manager. This manager’s job is to teach you how to grow your business while providing you with access to business equipment, a place to work, a staff of certain workers, utilities, etc., while you concentrate on building your clientele. We call this concept Provisional Time to GROW! These provisions limit your investment without limiting your potential for financial reward. The RESULT! You are much more likely to succeed as a start-up business despite a lack of experience, investment capital, or tax knowledge. Hopefully, now you can see why I am so excited.

I strongly encourage you to read the enclosed testimonials of just a few of our successful affiliates. They have even agreed to let us mention their names and telephone numbers in case you would like to talk to either of them personally and get answers to particular questions that you may have.

In the meantime, if you would like more information, please either email us or contact one of our representatives listed on this site.

You can also call toll free, 1 (888) 884-2 TAX

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