ComproTax Business Opportunity

The ComproTax affiliate opportunity offers an affordable way to enter the Financial Services industry. With a proven record of success, our courses are designed to help you become a successful business owner on your own terms. You can choose to have a part-time, seasonal business, offer year-round services or manage one or more offices in one or more locations. Flexibility is what makes our franchise an extraordinary prospect. It’s your business, so you can be a small or large as you want to be.

In addition to education and mentoring, our marketing strategy is second to none. Our state of the art marketing system contains a powerful CRM (Customer Relation Management) component that will help you make the most of your contacts and leads. In addition, you will learn how to effectively use social media to build and nurture relationships that contribute to the consistent growth your business.

Below is a list of courses that will set you on the path of financial independence as a ComproTax Franchisee:

We are One Power Conference – The 2015 African American 17th Annual Cultural and Economic Summit presented by AACHS (African American Cultural & Historical Society) will be held in Beaumont, Texas on November 14th.

Online Bookkeeping Classes – Learn the mechanics of bookkeeping to assist small businesses that prefer to outsource this important task to professionals that ultimately saves them time and money.

CTI Comprehensive Tax Class – Register for the Basic Fundamentals of Federal Income Tax course. Then, take the CTI Comprehensive Federal Income Tax course for a thorough understanding of tax preparation.

CTI Home/Mobile Tax Office – Learn how to own and operate your own home and/or mobile tax preparation business for the added convenience of your customers.

Gerry Foster’s “Branding & Marketing Boot-Camp” – Learn from a marketing expert. Gerry Foster is a leading source for small business branding ideas and training. This course will teach you how to stand out from the crowd, be noticed and most of all be in demand.

Psychology of Business – Learn how business works and how you can work your business to gain influence, success and wealth.

Change the course of your future today. Begin your training today.


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